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SecretToolbox is a Windows based desktop application (not a toolbar) which was built after his creators noticed that there were literally no products available which offered secure file protection and management all in one place, there's no point using an encryption program when you have to take your files out of the encrypted area to view and play media, which leaves you vulnerable and it can leave a history in places you never thought possible!

The SecretToolbox is a toolbox, everything you need in one place, SecretToolboxtook the concept of hiding your files, and then SecretToolbox started adding to it, users want to browse the web in privacy, add a secret browser, when they play their videos or view images they need to keep them hidden and not leave a history, add a secret media player. A user might have thousands of files, wouldn't it be nice to just be able to find what you want, quickly and easily? You bet it would! So SecretToolbox added an organizer where you can add tags, comments and categorize each file, using the built-in search engine to easily find your files.