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eyenov developed an application called SecretToolbox which is a Swiss Army Knife for Adult Contents. It allows users to:
  • Hide their files within a secret environment. The app itself is invisible in the system.
  • Organize and categorize their local collection inside that environment.
  • Create bookmarks for their favorite scenes in their videos.
  • Reproduce their files from the app without needing any 3rd party video player and making sure no trace is left on their machine.
  • Automatically find adult files on the hard drive and import them to their secret environment.
  • Create playlists for their favorite videos.
  • Safely browse the internet from the built in browser app without worrying about history, cookies and temporary files.
  • Hide the app by pressing a panic key. Restoring the app can only be achieved by using a user defined key combination.
The application is bound for release in a very near future. You can check it here.